Health of Animals Regulations Part XII: Transportation of Animals-Regulatory Amendment – Interpretive Guidance for Regulated Parties
18.0 Transfer of Responsibility

18.1 Regulatory Authority

Health of Animals Regulations:  159.3 (1)-(2)

18.2 Required Outcomes

No animal is left at an establishment or facility without a signed transfer of responsibility between the transporter and the receiver who accepts care and custody of the animal and takes whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the animal does not suffer.

18.3 Guidance to regulated parties

While a signed transfer of responsibility is a reasonable requirement at any change of custody, this section refers primarily to loads or animals that are delivered at slaughter establishments, auction markets, assembly yards or feedlots.  Prior to receipt of the animal(s), the load is in the care and custody of the transporter and anyone who was indirectly involved in transportation decisions.  At the time of delivery, the care and custody is transferred to the receiver (person who accepts responsibility for the animal(s)).  This helps ensure that a representative of the receiving facility is physically present to accept the animal(s) so that no animal is left unattended and ensures that all parties are aware of the condition and needs of the animals when the transfer of responsibility occurs.  The receiver must then provide the necessary care to prevent animal suffering.

This transfer protects the animal(s) but also the transporter and the receiver who by signing, agree to a transfer of responsibility at the time of signing and the condition of the animals in the load.  The receiver must have the knowledge and skills to properly assess and accept responsibility for the load. A copy of the transfer may be requested by a CFIA inspector at any time.

The format of the transfer of responsibility is left to the regulated parties, however the document must be legible and must contain at a minimum:

  • the names of the transporting company and the driver,
  • the receiving company and representative,
  • the date; time of the transfer,
  • the last time the animal was fed, watered and rested and
  • any notes regarding animal welfare concerns and animals found dead.
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