Health of Animals Regulations Part XII: Transportation of Animals-Regulatory Amendment – Interpretive Guidance for Regulated Parties
3.0 Knowledge and Skills

3.1 Regulatory Authority

Health of Animals Regulations: Section 137

3.2 Required Outcomes

All persons involved in the transport of animals either directly or indirectly have the necessary knowledge and skills to competently conduct required tasks as they relate to animal transport to prevent animal suffering, injury or death during all phases of transport from handling for loading through transport and to final unloading.

3.3 Guidance to Regulated Parties

The transport of animals is accomplished with the collaboration of many persons.  Those persons involved in the direct handling of animals must have intimate knowledge of the normal and abnormal behavior of the species that they are responsible for handling to ensure the well-being of the animals in their care and for their own personal safety.  However, in addition those persons indirectly involved in animal transport such as producers, dispatchers, processors and emergency personnel should also be aware of basic animal based parameters in order to consider animal needs when planning or responding to animal transport issues.

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