Health of Animals Regulations Part XII: Transportation of Animals-Regulatory Amendment – Interpretive Guidance for Regulated Parties
9.0 Transport of Livestock, Camelids or Cervids of Eight Days of Age or Less

9.1 Regulatory Authority

Health of Animals Regulations 142.1 (1)-(2)

9.2 Required Outcomes

Very young livestock, camelids or cervids of eight days or less are transported in a manner that provides accommodation for their fragility and protects them from injury, suffering or death and are not without feed, water and rest longer than 12 hours.

9.3 Guidance to Regulated Parties

Very young animals of 8 days of age or less require special provisions and handling as they are fragile and can quickly become otherwise compromised, unfit or die due to transport related exposures. In cases where this occurs, refer to the regulatory requirements for compromised 142 (1)-(6) or unfit 141 (1)-(6).  These animals must be loaded last and unloaded first (when transported in a mixed load), segregated from animals other than its dam or others of the same age and be provided with access to feed, water and rest at intervals not exceeding 12 hours.

Young animals may be assembled from multiple locations prior to arriving at the final destination.  In this case, the animals already on board must remain on the conveyance when animals are subsequently loaded (i.e. no loading and unloading at various times prior to reaching the final destination). Accordingly, the interval without feed, water and rest must be calculated from the time at which the first animal loaded no longer had access to feed and water.

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