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Audit Report

Management Response

1. Management is in agreement with the overall findings of this audit.

2. The audit refers to the current processes and procedures used to perform the CFIA export activities covered by the three business lines, where the activities take place. Pursuant to budget 2011, the Agency will be moving over a five-year period toward a new model of export certification. In particular, the Agency will implement an electronic services delivery platform (ESDP) which will enable regulated parties and foreign country authorities to more readily access programs and information, and conduct regular business transactions with the Agency. Transparent, timely and effective interactions will allow the CFIA to achieve operational efficiencies, while administrative burden on businesses will be reduced. The ESDP will include the development of secure electronic export certificates. This evolution to more modern service delivery provides context for the specific activities proposed in the MRAP as set out below.

3. QMS is a management process whereby verifications are conducted at a field level to verify inspection compliance with policies and procedures. Inconsistencies or Quality Loss Issues are resolved at an operational level or referred to the National QMS team if they are national in scope or require a change in National policy. Feedback on findings is provided through regular QMS performance reports. We apply this to a range of activities, including export certification activities. This QMS activity is an overlay to the specific responses to the audit as set out in the MRAP below.

Management Action Plan
Audit Recommendations Proposed Management Actions Responsible Official (s) Implementation Date
Recommendation 1.0: The Vice President, Policy and Programs Branch, in collaboration with the Vice President Operations Branch, should develop and implement a short-term solution to ensure that the required export certificates information is available, until the Enterprise Electronic Certification project is implemented. 1. The applicable Programs (Plant, Animal and Food) will consider the audit findings in co-operation with Operations to identify best practices and clarify data recording requirements, and programs will implement relevant best practices. 1) ED AMSSD – overall lead

1) a) Best practices identified by September 30, 2012

b) Programs to implement relevant best practices by December 31, 2012

Recommendation 2.0: The Vice President, Policy and Programs Branch, in collaboration with the Vice President, Operations Branch, should assess the security risk related to export certificates, including stamps and crimps, and develop and implement the appropriate security guidelines. 1. Corporate Security Division will work with Policy and Programs Branch and Operations Branch to assess and identify the security risks, and recommend and implement security objectives and security controls, in order to minimize the risks. 1) ED, Operations Strategy and Delivery Directorate – overall lead

1) a) Risk assessment and development of objectives and controls by September 30, 2012

b) Recommended security controls to be implemented by the applicable programs by December 31, 2012

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