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Audit Report

Management Response:
Recommendation Planned Action or Justification for no action on the Recommendation Responsible Official Target Completion Date
1) The Vice President, Policy and Programs Branch should ensure that a comprehensive performance measurement and evaluation strategy is developed and approved, in accordance with clause 11.1 of the MOU. Performance measurement and evaluation has already been done for the on-farm food safety program and thinking is advanced for the traceability component of the MOU.

The CFIA will develop an integrated and comprehensive performance measurement and evaluation strategy in accordance with clause 11.1 of the MOU.

E.D., Domestic Policy Directorate in coordination with relevant Program Executive Directors. June 2012.
2) The Vice President, Policy and Programs Branch should take action to ensure compliance with clauses 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 of the MOU. While CFIA has provided all the required reports to AAFC, there are challenges associated with meeting the deadlines established in the MOU for those reports. CFIA will renegotiate with AAFC, the dates on which these reports are delivered. E.D., Domestic Policy Directorate First quarter of fiscal year 2012-13.

1. All audit opinions relate to significant systemic weaknesses. Risks related to any identified weaknesses vary in terms of materiality and potential impact on the entity's ability to achieve its objectives.

2. Note that Total Funding includes all four years, we have shown details of funding to the end of fiscal year 2010-11

3. The review of financial controls included a review and assessment of whether expenditures claimed against the Growing Forward Fund:

  1. Are supported by authorized invoices or other supporting evidence;
  2. Were incurred during 2010-11; and
  3. Reasonably fall within the category of expenditures covered by the agreement.

4. Internal Audit Sector, Office of Comptroller General.

5. The references in bold relate to audit criteria taken from the Office of the Comptroller General Internal Audit Sector's Audit Criteria related to the Management Accountability Framework: A Tool for Internal Auditors.
GSD – Governance and Strategic Direction; RP – Results and Performance; LICM – Learning, Innovation and Change Management; RM – Risk Management; ST – Stewardship.

6 Note that the reference in brackets refers to the relevant clause in the MOU.

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