Acts and Regulations

The Department of Justice is responsible for maintaining the Consolidated Statutes and Regulations for the Government of Canada.

Most Acts and Regulations are current as of August 25, 2013. To check for recent regulatory amendments, visit the recent amendments section.  A record of earlier amendments is maintained in the regulatory archive section.

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the following Acts:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Act

Canada Agricultural Products Act

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (as it relates to food)

Feeds Act

Fertilizers Act

Fish Inspection Act

Food and Drugs Act (as it relates to food)

Health of Animals Act

Meat Inspection Act

Plant Breeders' Rights Act

Plant Protection Act

Safe Food for Canadians Act

Seeds Act

Related Legislation

The following Acts are not directly administered or enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency but are related to CFIA activities and policies.

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