Canadian Food Inspection Agency Fees Notice
Part 15 - Seed Potatoes Fees


1. (1) The definitions in this subsection apply in this Part.

"Act means the Seeds Act. (Loi)

"Regulations" means the Seeds Regulations. (Règlement)

(2) Unless otherwise provided in this Part, other words and expressions have the same meaning as in the Act and the Regulations.


2. The applicable fee set out in item 2 of the table to this Part shall be submitted with the application form referred to in section 49 of the Regulations. (amended : Canada Gazette Part I, February 24, 2001, Vol 135, no. 8, p. 612)


Seed Potatoes Fees
Item Column 1
Services, Right, Product, Privilege or Use
Column 2
1. For consideration of an application for a crop inspection submitted under section 49 of the Regulations $50
2. For an inspector to inspect a crop for the purpose of determining whether a crop certificate may be issued under section 52 of the Regulations
(a) for the first hectare or part thereof $20
(b) for each full hectare beyond the first $20
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