Safe Food for Canadians: Strengthening Canada's Food Safety System

The consultation closed on 2015-06-30

The CFIA is committed to strengthening Canada's world-class food safety system and was considering improvements based on three key features of international food safety systems:

  1. Identification of food businesses – to know who is involved in preparing food and what they are producing, and communicate directly with these businesses to share important information.
  2. Ability to trace a food product's path one step forward and one step back – to reduce the time it takes to remove unsafe products from the market.
  3. Preventive food safety controls – to ensure all businesses preparing food understand and control the potential hazards associated with their products and processes.

What it means for your business

Resources, including fact sheets and a step by step guide, explain some of the key food safety elements in more detail to help you assess what this could mean for your business.

Progress on the consolidation of food regulations

While the focus of this consultation was on the discussion paper outlining options for reducing regulatory burden on micro and small businesses, a draft summary of proposed regulatory texts and a suite of documents incorporated by reference are also being released.

The CFIA is releasing this text to show its progress to date on consolidation of the food regulatory statutes. While the CFIA is accepting comments on this preliminary text until July 31, 2015, an official public comment period will take place once the draft regulations are published in Canada Gazette, Part I. Timing for pre-publication in Canada Gazette, Part I, is not yet established.

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