Collective Agreement between the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) regarding the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Bargaining Unit
* Article 58 – Employee Performance Review and Employee Files

* 58.01

  1. When a formal assessment of an employee's performance is made, the employee concerned must be given an opportunity to sign the assessment form in question upon its completion to indicate that its contents have been read. A copy of the assessment form will be provided to the employee at that time. An employee's signature on his or her assessment form will be considered to be an indication only that its contents have been read and shall not indicate the employee's concurrence with the statements contained on the form.
  2. The Employer's representative(s) who assess an employee's performance must have observed or been aware of the employee's performance for at least one half (½) of the period for which the employee's performance is evaluated.
  3. An employee has the right to make written comments to be attached to the Performance review form.

* 58.02

  1. Prior to an employee performance review the employee shall be given:
    1. the evaluation form which will be used for the review;
    2. any written document which provides instructions to the person conducting the review;
  2. if during the employee performance review, either the form or instructions are changed they shall be given to the employee.

* 58.03 Upon written request of an employee, the personnel file of that employee shall be made available once per year for his or her examination in the presence of an authorized representative of the Employer.

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