My CFIA first time users – what you will need to enrol

In order to create your My CFIA account you will need:

  • a GCKey or Sign-In Partner user ID and password, and
  • an email address.

The Government of Canada delivers online services through the GCKey or Sign-In Partners, providing users increased levels of privacy and security.

  1. GCKey:  GCKey is an electronic credential (a username and password) that allows you to securely access Government of Canada's online services.  The GCKey user ID and password is a secure way for the CFIA to recognize the identity of a person using My CFIA.
  2. Sign-In Partner:  Sign-In Partners are organizations that have partnered with SecureKey Technologies to enable their customers to use their online credentials to access many Government of Canada services.

Both options ensure that all information you input into My CFIA is secure and private.

You can use GCKey to access multiple Government of Canada online services.  For more information about GCKey, please visit the Government of Canada's GCKey site.  Learn more about Sign-In Partner and SecureKey Concierge.

Once you have signed in with your GCKey or Sign-in Partners user ID and password, you will be able to create your My CFIA account.  Before starting, you will need the following documents and information on hand:

  • Articles of Incorporation (or other such documents that describe your organization / business information)
  • Establishment information (name, regulated activities, etc.)
  • Information about key employees within your organization or business (name, email, phone, etc.).

What to expect

Most businesses can expect to take about 20 minutes to complete the enrolment process.

Note: If your business or its activities are complex, it is not necessary to provide all details of your activities during the enrolment process. You always have the opportunity to update or amend your profile.

When you are ready to enrol, select Sign in / Sign up from the My CFIA page.  For further guidance click on Get started from the main page.

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