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What should I do if I can't find the service I need in My CFIA?

Consult the roll-out plan to confirm if My CFIA will support your service request. All services will continue to be provided through existing channels for stakeholders unable to access My CFIA or until a service is supported through My CFIA. If you are looking for specific information about CFIA's programs, services or initiatives, you can submit your question using the online Feedback Form.

Signing up for a My CFIA account

How do I get a My CFIA account?

Sign-in to My CFIA using either your GCKey user ID and password or your Sign-In Partner user ID and password. Once you have signed-in using GCKey or the Sign-in Partner, you must then create a Contact Profile.

If you are an individual or organization whose business activities are subject to the Acts and Regulations administered and enforced by the CFIA then proceed to create a Party Profile.

Additional information about the enrolment process can be found in the Glossary of Terms.

What's the difference between a Contact Profile, a Party Profile, and an ASP Profile?

A Contact Profile is the profile of an individual while a Party Profile is a business entity or organization's profile. Any individual or organization whose business activities are subject to the Acts and Regulations administered and enforced by the CFIA will need to create a Party Profile as part of the enrolment process.

An Alternative Service Provider (ASP) such as a veterinarian or laboratory that provides services authorized by the CFIA in support of a regulated party's request in My CFIA must create an ASP Profile once they have enrolled. For more information about ASPs, consult the FAQs for ASPs.

Who is included in a Party Profile?

A Party Profile includes the following contacts:

  • Profile Authority;
  • Profile Manager;
  • Alternate Profile Manager;
  • Regulatory Contact;
  • Emergency Contact; and
  • Party Contacts.

What is a Profile Authority?

When creating a Party Profile, you must designate a Profile Authority. The Profile Authority is a person who is accountable for all information included in the party profile, including requests for services.

In order to activate a Party Profile in My CFIA, a Profile Authority will need to upload a signed, "Proof of Authority" Form, as part of the enrolment process. The form identifies the name of the person assigned as Profile Authority as well as the name and signature of the current Owner, Partner, Director or Company Officer of that Party.

What is a "Proof of Business" document?

This is a document that has been issued to a business within in the last 12 months, which identifies the full legal name of the business, as well as the name(s) of current Owner(s), Partner(s), Director(s) or Company Officer(s) who are responsible to authorize Profile Authority oversight of the business' online interaction with My CFIA.

Typically, these documents would include any federal or provincial document of business registration, incorporation, partnership, or other proof of legal business name and ownership.

Can the system detect duplicate entries?

Yes. To avoid duplicate entries, the system will use the email address as a unique identifier for Contact Profiles. This means that the system will not accept duplicate email addresses on multiple Contact Profiles and will indicate that the email address entered is already in use.

What is a Claim Code?

A Claim Code is a system generated code that is sent to a business so that they may complete the enrolment process started by an Agency staff. These codes expire if unused. If your code expires, contact us at 1-800-442-CFIA (2342) to request a new Claim Code.

What is an Invite Code?

Invite Codes are used to add Contacts to your Party Profile. In other words, you can invite other individuals to connect to your Party Profile so they can complete a task on behalf of your Party.

The code is automatically generated to an individual who has been invited when a Profile Manager invites them to take accept on a specific role for their Party. If the individual does not have a My CFIA account, they will need to create a Contact Profile.

Only a Profile Authority, Profile Manager or Alternate Profile Manager can manage contact profiles, i.e. send invite codes to other individuals and remove contacts.

Do each of the "roles" need their own Invite Code or do they use the same one?

A unique Invite Code is generated by the system for each Contact, and will be unique to that individual.

Should a large company with multiple establishments enrol as a single Party?

In Release 2, businesses will have the flexibility to set up their party profile based on their business model. My CFIA has two options for setting up a party profile. A "centralized" or "decentralized" Party Profile model is available when enrolling.

What is a centralized model?

A "centralized model" allows a business to manage all of their service requests, including payments from a single, centralized, online Party Profile.

What is a decentralized model?

A "decentralized model" allows for multiple party profiles to be created for a single business entity. This model is ideal for those businesses who have multiple establishments or multiple business divisions that request services directly from the CFIA.

If a client wants to request the same permission or export certificate again, will the form pop up as pre-populated or do they have to re-enter all the same information again?

You will be able to view and re-use previously submitted requests for both permissions and request for export certificates.

Alternative Service Providers

What is an Alternative Service Provider?

Alternative Service Providers (ASP) are individuals or organizations, such as veterinarians or laboratories, who provide services on behalf of the CFIA that support the delivery of certain CFIA regulated activities and programs.

Which ASPs should enrol in My CFIA and when?

Alternative Service Providers (ASPs), such as veterinarians or laboratories, who are authorized by the CFIA to deliver services being made available as part of the My CFIA roll-out plan should consider enrolling now so that they may interact electronically with their clients and access the online services they support when they are available.

How do ASPs enrol?

Alternative Service Providers (ASPs) follow the same general enrolment process as any individual who wishes to use My CFIA online services. During the enrolment process, ASPs will be asked to identify their type of business, where they are situated, and what they are accredited to do. ASPs will also be asked to select the source of their accreditation. The account will become active once all of the necessary information has been entered into the system and validated by the CFIA.

How do I connect with an ASP using My CFIA?

If the Alternative Service Provider (ASP) has an active, validated My CFIA account, you can search for the ASP by name, location or accreditation from your My CFIA account profile. Please note that ASPs cannot search for or initiate contact with a party.

What tasks can an ASP do within My CFIA?

Alternative Service Providers (ASPs) will be able to perform tasks within the system that they have been accredited for, such as inspection and certification. A business with a party profile can send tasks appropriate to the ASP. ASPs will be able to accept or decline tasks. If a task is accepted, the ASP will have access to the details of the request as well as information on the specific outcomes that are required. For example, ASPs will be able to upload inspection results and electronically endorse export certificates where required.

How will the CFIA know that the ASP has the necessary authorization to provide the service being requested?

Alternative Service Providers (ASPs) who enrol in My CFIA are validated by the CFIA as part of the enrolment process.

Export-related Services

What export-related services will be available through My CFIA and when?

Applications for certain food, plant and animal export certificates can be done through My CFIA. Details are available in the My CFIA roll-out plan.

What if I need an export certificate right away?

Clients should use My CFIA to request their export certificates, if they have a unique or urgent request they can use existing channels.

How does the system know which export certificate is needed?

As part of the online application process, you will be taken through a series of questions that will identify the appropriate export certificate. This process will also identify any requirements that must be met, for example, if an inspection is needed.

My company exports multiple shipments of the same product to the same country on a regular basis. Do I need to go through the process to identify the certificate each time?

You will be able to view and re-use previously submitted requests for both permissions and request for export certificates.

What happens when an importing country changes its requirements?

In the event that an active service request is impacted by changes in requirements by the importing country, you will be notified through My CFIA.

I have a broker who does my export applications for me. Can brokers use My CFIA? Do they need to enrol and create an account?

In My CFIA, a broker is considered a 'Party Contact'. A Party may send an invite code to a broker (Party Contact) to enrol and interact with that Party on line. Once the invitation is sent, the broker has 15 days to accept the invitation before it expires. Brokers may then access My CFIA, and apply the invite code to enrol, create an account and establish broker relationships with their clients who have a My CFIA account. As such, a broker may facilitate a service request on behalf of their client.

I currently use a private veterinarian/laboratory for my export certificate requirements. Can I continue to do this using My CFIA?

Yes. If you use an Alternative Service Provider (ASP), this relationship can be established within My CFIA. Once you and your ASP enrol, you can connect using your My CFIA account profile and continue to collaborate within My CFIA.

Who will be signing the export certificates?

My CFIA streamlines how clients submit their service requests by providing one entry point. The certification process will continue as it currently does, CFIA inspectors and Alternative Service Providers (ASPs) will still sign export certificates as required.

How do I obtain my export certificate?

When you complete your service request, you can specify how you would like to receive the certificate. For example: pick-up at a local office, courier, etc.

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