National Sheep On-Farm Biosecurity Standard Released

March 28, 2013, Ottawa: A new voluntary biosecurity standard was introduced today that will help sheep producers improve the health of their flocks and strengthen their on-farm biosecurity activities.

“Producers can use the Standard to create a biosecurity plan that meets the specific needs of their operation,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. “Strengthening on-farm biosecurity protects animal health and, in effect, supports the continued delivery of high quality products.”

“On behalf of the Canadian sheep industry, I want to thank the Canadian producers who volunteered their time to develop this standard,” said Andrew Gordanier, Chairman of the Canadian Sheep Federation. “This voluntary standard will provide the industry with valuable tools that will contribute to the health of the Canadian flock and help to ensure its long-term viability and sustainability.”

The National Standard is a voluntary tool designed to help producers minimize and control the risk of disease entering their farms, spreading within the farm or to neighbouring farms.

The Standard is divided into four principles:

  • Animal health management practices
  • Record keeping
  • Farm, facilities and equipment
  • People

The National Sheep On-Farm Biosecurity Standard was developed over two years through a partnership with the Canadian Sheep Federation and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), in collaboration with producers, academia, and provincial governments. Funding was provided by the Growing Forward policy initiative of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It was designed specifically for the Canadian sheep industry, and is applicable to farm operations of all types and sizes.

To order an electronic copy of the Standard or to learn more about biosecurity, visit the CFIA’s website at

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Additional Information

What is the Standard?

The Standard is a voluntary tool that producers can use to build and/or improve existing farm-level biosecurity programs.

What does the Standard consist of?

Canadian producers have a long-standing tradition of practicing biosecurity on their farms. The Standard offers goals, objectives and measurable targets for all producers from small-scale to large-scale establishments.

What is farm-level biosecurity?

Farm-level biosecurity is a series of best management practices designed to help prevent, and or control the introduction and spread of disease.

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