Terrence J. Lee Fined for Offences under the Health of Animals Act

January 25, 2013, Guelph: On November 28, 2011, a conviction was registered in the Ontario Court of Justice in the Town of Perth, against Terrence J Lee, resulting in two fines totalling $5,000.

The conviction is related to two counts of obstructing Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) officials in the performance of their duties of inspecting horses, contrary to Section 35 (1) of the Health of Animals Act, which occurred between September 11 and October 17, 2008. Therefore, the offence is subject to penalties provided by Section 65 (1) of the Health of Animals Act.

The CFIA is responsible for enforcing a variety of federal legislation, including the Health of Animals Act.  This Act was enacted to prevent the introduction of animal diseases in Canada.  The legislation also regulates the importation and exportation of animals, including horses, animal products and veterinary biologics into or out of Canada.

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