1839527 Ontario Inc., Doing business as A&A Marine & Drydock Fined for Offences Under the Fish Inspection Act

February 8, 2013, Chatham-Kent: On December 14, 2012, a conviction was registered in the Ontario Court of Justice in Chatham-Kent against 1839527 Ontario Inc., doing business A&A Marine & Drydock in Blenheim, Ontario. This conviction resulted in a total fine of $5,250 plus a 25% court victim fine surcharge.

An investigation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) determined that 1839527 Ontario Inc. exported shipments of yellow perch and yellow pickerel fillets to the United States in April, May and June 2011, portions of which included processing steps conducted in a non-registered establishment.

A director of the corporation entered a guilty plea to three counts of violating Section 14(3)(a) of the Fish Inspection Regulations, thereby committing offences under Section 17.1 of the Fish Inspection Act.

Section 14(3)(a) of the Fish Inspection Regulations pertains to the inter-provincial or international exportation of fish products. In order to be eligible for export, all processing of fish products must take place within a federally registered establishment. The legislated requirement enables CFIA inspectors to fulfill their mandate to ensure that exported fish products are safe for human consumption and meet export requirements, as well as ensuring a level playing field for fish exporters and protecting the international reputation of the Canadian commercial fish industry.

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