Michael Joseph (Mike) Nabuurs fined $2500 for an offence under the Meat Inspection Act

February 18, 2013, Moncton, New Brunswick: On January 8, 2013 at the Prince Edward Island Provincial Court in Summerside, Michael Joseph (Mike) Nabuurs entered a guilty plea for contravening subsection 14.(1) of the Meat Inspection Act.

Mr. Nabuurs was accused of hindering or obstructing the work of an inspector on June 13, 2012 at the Atlantic Beef Product establishment in Albany, Prince Edward Island.

Subsection 14.(1) of the Meat Inspection Act states:

No person shall obstruct or hinder, or make any false or misleading statement either orally or in writing to, an inspector while the inspector is engaged in carrying out his duties or functions under this Act or the regulations.

The CFIA is responsible for enforcing a variety of federal legislation, including the Meat Inspection Act and the Meat Inspection Regulations.

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