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The proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations – learn, participate and have your say

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In November 2012, the Safe Food for Canadians Act received Royal Assent in Parliament, setting in motion the development of new regulations to bring this Act into force. Since then, the CFIA has consulted extensively with industry, including micro and small businesses, to help shape the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). These proposed Regulations were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I on January 21 for a 90-day public comment period. Have your say now.

The proposed SFCR introduce modern food safety requirements for businesses that import food or prepare food to be exported or sold across provinces. Learn more about the key elements of the proposed Regulations in these videos.


Regulations can sometimes be difficult to understand and apply. The CFIA's website contains plain language resources to help you determine how the proposed requirements would apply to you. For example, find out if you would need a licence, a written Preventive Control Plan or what your traceability requirements would be under the proposed new rules by answering a short series of questions. Find answers to these and other questions by visiting inspection.gc.ca/safefood.


Whether you want to better understand how the proposed Regulations will impact you, ask questions or share your comments, here's how you can stay connected on this important initiative:

  1. Visit inspection.gc.ca/safefood.
  2. Register for a webinar.
  3. Submit your feedback and have your say on the proposed Regulations before the consultation period ends on April 21, 2017.
  4. Join the conversation on social media. Follow the CFIA on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or sign up to receive email updates from the CFIA.
  5. Ask CFIA if you have a question. Contact us.

Have your say

Your feedback is important. Once you've learned about the proposed Regulations, let us know what you think. Have your say now. New regulations must follow a specific path to be put into place, and that includes being published in the Canada Gazette, the official newspaper of the Government of Canada. This step triggers a consultation period that is open to all Canadians. The results of this consultation will be considered before the proposed Regulations are finalized and come into force.

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Consultation and Engagement Opportunities

Consultation is a key activity of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It supports open and transparent government. A number of consultations are underway over the course of winter 2017, including the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, cost-recovery, food labelling, among others. We encourage you to have a look at the complete list of consultation and engagement opportunities, become informed and have your say.

Questions or Suggestions

If you have questions about regulatory requirements or other technical questions regarding your business, visit Ask CFIA.

If you have questions about one of the articles in The CFIA Chronicle or would like to suggest an article for a future edition, email: CFIA-Modernisation-ACIA@inspection.gc.ca

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