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Edition 2 – Summer 2017

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Next Steps: Proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Next Steps: Proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Next Steps in the Regulatory Process

Consultations on the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations closed on April 21, 2017 and the CFIA is now in the next phase of the regulatory process which involves reviewing and analyzing feedback. Over 1,300 submissions are being considered to finalize the regulations as well as the guidance and tools required to support implementation. As part of our analysis, we are also looking at various options to address comments and concerns of stakeholders before the regulations are finalized and come into force.

Final publication of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part II is anticipated in spring 2018, as noted in the CFIA's 2017-19 Forward Regulatory Plan.

The CFIA remains committed to reducing regulatory burden on businesses and improving food safety for Canadians. While the regulations are not yet in force, here are steps that food businesses can take now to get ready:

1. Sign up for My CFIA

To help you meet the new regulations when they come into force, sign up for My CFIA to:

  • Get convenient and secure access to online services
  • Manage and track your service requests
  • Request permissions such as licences, permits, registrations and authorizations
  • Request and manage export certificates

2. Get a jump start on the best practices

The key elements of the proposed regulations are based on international food safety best practices, many of which you can begin to implement now. Start to learn about and implement practices such as preventive controls and traceability by consulting our tools, industry resources and guidance materials for SFCR.

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Our scientists monitor the health of domestic and wild animals by testing over 400,000 samples every year.

Consultation and Engagement Opportunities

Consultation is a key activity of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It supports open and transparent government. We encourage you to have a look at the complete list of consultation and engagement opportunities, become informed and have your say.

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