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Edition 2 – Summer 2017

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Upcoming Changes to Humane Transportation of Animals Regulations

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is working to update regulations for the humane transport of animals, specifically Part XII of the federal Health of Animals Regulations.

The current regulations for the humane transport of animals were developed in 1977 and few amendments have been made since then.

These regulations are being updated based on public concern and best practices that are already used by most industry partners. The update will better align our country with our international trading partners and with the standards set by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The proposed amendments would:

  • Reduce the time intervals that animals in transport can be without access to food, water and rest;
  • Establish clear end results that better reflect animals' needs and current industry practices;
  • Better align with Canada's international trading partners and the OIE animal welfare standards for animals transported by land, air, and sea; and
  • Provide clarity for industry and transporters to better understand what is required.

The CFIA takes animal welfare seriously. Improving regulations on animal welfare during transportation will positively affect the Canadian livestock industry and address public concerns about current animal welfare and humane transport practices. Draft amendments were available for public comment until February 16, 2017. CFIA officials are now reviewing the comments received and will evaluate any potential changes to the draft amendments before publishing the final regulations in the Canada Gazette.

More information on CFIA animal welfare efforts and humane transportation practices is available on the Humane Transport / Animal Welfare webpage.

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