Why you should enrol for a My CFIA account

The Agency will introduce My CFIA in four releases, gradually increasing the number of services becoming available online over the coming months and throughout 2017.

The first release of online services, in January 2017, will allow industry to enrol for a My CFIA account.  Future releases will expand the range of online services including permissions and applications for export certificates.

Enrol early so you can take advantage of the online services as they become available.

Top 5 reasons to enrol for a My CFIA account:

  • You will be able to manage your interactions with CFIA at your convenience.
  • With future releases, you will be able to request certain permissions and export applications online and then monitor and track their progress.
  • You only need to set up your My CFIA account once.   
  • Services offered online are in a secure environment. 
  • Online resources and help features will be available to support you as you begin using My CFIA.
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