List of Permitted Additives in Fish and Fish Products

Note: The following database was developed by CFIA to facilitate the search of additives, permitted in fish and fish products, by additive name and/or product name. It is no longer being maintained and will be removed from our website in the near future. For current information on permitted food additives please refer to the Health Canada lists of permitted additives.

Search results will provide information on the section of the Food and Drug Regulations relevant to the additive, the purpose of the additive and the level of use for that additive. In certain instances, the level of use is linked to a comments page containing information on restrictions for the use of that additive.

The more restrictive your search criteria, the likelihood of not finding a match increases. If no match is found, you may wish to expand your search. Leaving all fields as -Select All-, will return the entire database.

Note: Small amounts of additives may also be found in unstandardized fish products as carry-over additives from other than fish ingredients such as mayonnaise, cheese, etc.

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