Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products

Last Update: 2017/05/09

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Company Chemisphere Inc.
Dorval, Quebec, Canada, H9P 2N9

Category (Sub-Category)Product NameAcceptance Date
Cleaners (General cleaners) NEUTRA* 2008/09/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) LAV-PLAT-WASH XTRA* 2008/09/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) LAV-PLAT-WASH 2000* 2008/09/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) JADE* 2008/09/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Kleenall 2006/03/23 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Grill-Kleen 2006/03/23 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Quadra 2006/03/23 
Boiler Water Treatment Compounds (not for food process water) (Boiler water treatment compounds where the treated water or the steam produced may come in contact with food products) CV-4490 2004/05/14 
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