Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products

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Company Maxim Technologies, Inc.
Delta, British Columbia, Canada, V3W 6K8

Category (Sub-Category)Product NameAcceptance Date
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Neutrasoft, Liquid Laundry Sour and Softener 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Valor Machine Detergent-Chlorinated dish Detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Vita Brite 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) #2 General Manual Cleaner 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Neutralite 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Stainless Steel Shine* 2013/09/18 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Microclean, disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247845) 2004/01/12 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max White, Liquid Oxygen Bleach 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Sour, Laundry Sour 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Soft, Fabric Softener 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Results, Powdered Laundry Detergent 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Pro Detergent* 2006/09/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Oxy, Powdered Oxygen Bleach 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Tough Stuff 2002/10/28 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Neutralizer, Liquid Laundry Sour 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Lift, Liquid Oxygen Bleach 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Laundry Detergent, Liquid Laundry Detergent 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Heavy Duty-Heavy duty built detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Booster, Liquid Laundry Alkalinity Additive 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max 8, Sanitizing Powder 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Lo Temp Sanitizer-Low temperature sanitizing solution 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Lo Temp Rinse-Low temperature rinse additive 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Clean Spray 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Blast* 2006/09/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Neutrapower 2003/02/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Pax-Chlorinated automatic dishwashing detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Savgreen Degreaser 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Orderly, disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247847) 2004/01/12 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Oven & Grill Cleaner 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Oven King-Alkaline Oven Cleaner 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Optima NCL 2003/08/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Pin-O-Lux 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Pink Passion 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Pink San, Presoak/Destainer/Sanitizer 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Plus Foam Detergent 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Pot & Pan Powder-Dish detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Power Plus Detergent-Chlorinated machine detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Progress 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Tough Tiger II 2004/03/25 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Rough Rider II 2002/10/28 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Tough Tiger 2004/03/25 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Scale Off 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) SM Cleaner 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Smoke Away 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Smokleen 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Soft Scrub Cream Cleanser 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Solve-It, Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Super Blitz 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Swish & Dish Chlorinated-Chlorinated dish detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Topsan 2003/05/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Tork 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Oxygenic* 2006/09/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Rainier 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) MultiMax* 2010/04/19 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Oxy-Slam* 2007/06/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Extra Tuff AFC 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Eco-Magic 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Defoamer 05 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Combat Detergent-Non-chlorinated liquid speciality detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Coast 309 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Coast 302 2003/02/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Muscle Rinse* 2008/10/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Take Off!* 2009/07/13 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Coast 102 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Hydrogenic* 2006/09/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Grease Thief 2009/06/10 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Gain 2002/10/28 
Cleaners (General cleaners) NeutraMax* 2010/04/19 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Clean-All* 2010/06/08 
Cleaners (General cleaners) CLC-500 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Classic 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) CC-55 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Bleach 12 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) H.E. MAX* 2013/09/18 
Cleaners (General cleaners) BriteMax* 2012/07/25 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Attack, disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247846) 2004/01/12 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Acid 4000 2002/10/28 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Degreaser 707* 2013/09/18 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Scale Away* 2009/09/22 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Savgreen Degreaser 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max Pro Rinse* 2006/09/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Quat-Shot (DIN #02243546)* 2006/09/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Lo Temp Detergent-Automatic Dish Machine Detergent 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Liquid Presoak, Chlorinated Liquid Presoak and Destainer 2004/01/27 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Max B17* 2005/12/08 
Cleaners (General cleaners) MC Acid San* 2006/12/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Liquid Dish Detergent-Liquid hand dish wash 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Grill Master 1999/06/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Grease B Gone Plus 1999/06/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Swish & Dish Liquid 1999/06/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Lemon Dish 2003/02/04 
Cleaners (General cleaners) GlassMax* 2010/04/19 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Rainier 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Oxygentle* 2007/06/15 
Cleaners (General cleaners) SM Cleaner 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Smokleen 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Super Blitz 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Zonk 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Scale Off 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Kloriclean 2002/10/28 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Hi Power Rinse-Rinse aid 2004/12/01 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Grill E Great 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (General cleaners) GMC 3000 2002/11/21 
Cleaners (General cleaners) General Purpose Soap Powder 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Zonk 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (General cleaners) Krystal Green 2003/01/16 
Cleaners (Hand cleaners) H-22 Powdered Hand Soap 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (Hand cleaners) Go ManGo 2009/07/13 
Cleaners (Hand cleaners) Hand & Body Soap 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (Hand cleaners) H-23 Pumice Hand Soap Powder 1999/08/02 
Cleaners (Hand cleaners) Q-Soap 2002/10/28 
Cleaners (Non-food handling areas) AquaBac 2010/07/29 
Cleaners (Drain cleaners) AquaBac 2010/07/29 
Cleaners (Drain cleaners) Digest, Grease Trap Cleaner 2004/01/27 
Deodorizers (Food handling environment) Oxy-Slam 2007/06/15 
Deodorizers (Food handling environment) Saval1 1999/06/15 
Deodorizers (Food handling environment) Quat-Shot (DIN #02243546) 2006/09/15 
Deodorizers (Food handling environment) Attack - disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247846) 2004/01/12 
Deodorizers (Food handling environment) Microclean - disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247845) 2004/01/12 
Deodorizers (Food handling environment) Orderly - disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247847) 2004/01/12 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Orderly - disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247847) 2004/01/12 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Orderly Fragrance Free (DIN# 02247847) 2010/07/29 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Attack - disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fungicide (DIN # 02247846) 2004/01/12 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Microclean - disinfectant-cleaner-deodorizer-detergent-virucide-fongicide (DIN # 02247845) 2004/01/12 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Quat-Shot (DIN #02243546) 2006/09/15 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Cyndet (DIN # 00561290) 2007/02/13 
Disinfectants (General use disinfectants) Savall 2002/04/11 
Lubricants (General) Chain Lube 3000 2002/12/11 
Maintenance Aid Products (General) HI-SHINE 2012/06/13 
Maintenance Aid Products (General) Holdout® 2012/07/30 
Maintenance Aid Products (General) MIRAGE 2012/07/30 
Microbial Control Agents for Use in Food Process Water (For fruit & vegetable wash) PeroxySlam 2008/10/17 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) PeroxySlam 2008/10/17 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Pink San, Presoak/Destainer/Sanitizer * 2004/01/27 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Max Pro San 2005/08/12 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Max 8, Sanitizing Powder* 2004/01/27 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Savdyne 1999/06/15 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Sanidine 2006/12/14 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Savdyne 1999/06/15 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Max 8, Sanitizing Powder 2004/01/27 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) MC Acid San 2006/12/04 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Pink San, Presoak/Destainer/Sanitizer 2004/01/27 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Topsan 2003/05/27 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Super Chlor 2002/10/28 
Sanitizers (General use sanitizers) Savall 1999/06/15 
Boiler Water Treatment Compounds (not for food process water) (Boiler water treatment compounds where the treated water or the steam produced may come in contact with food products) WT 480 1999/08/02 
Boiler Water Treatment Compounds (not for food process water) (Boiler water treatment compounds where the treated water or the steam produced may come in contact with food products) WT 480 1999/08/02 
Boiler Water Treatment Compounds (not for food process water) (Boiler water treatment compounds where the treated water or the steam produced will not come in contact with food products) Tork 2003/05/27 
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