Aquatic Animal Imports

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

  • implements controls to prevent aquatic animal diseases from being introduced into Canada, and
  • safeguards Canada's natural aquatic animal resources.

Exemptions for aquatic animals used as pets or for personal use do require the owner to verify the intended use of the animal. These exemptions are outlined in the Health of Animals Regulations.

Import Permits

Import permits are required for susceptible species of finfish, molluscs, and crustaceans. These animals must meet the import requirements to enter Canada.

Import permits contain specific requirements based on the disease risks associated with the animal, the origin, and other relevant health information. Imported aquatic animals may require health certification from the country of origin, to ensure that the animals imported into Canada, meet Canada's aquatic animal health requirements.

The Application for Permit to Import (CFIA/ACIA 5670) - PDF (174 kb) is completed by the importer. Prior to completing the application, the importer should ensure that a permit is required for the commodity(ies) being imported. Please verify that a permit is required with the CFIA Area Office.

The completed application is faxed or mailed to the CFIA Area Office. Fees will be charged for import permits, where applicable.

Importers should be aware that any conditions associated with aquatic animal imports are posted on the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS).

For important updates on aquatic animal policies and information on changes to AIRS, importers are encouraged to sign-up to receive email notifications.

Information we provide for the aquatic animal industry includes:

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