Chapter 4 – Labelling and Guarantees
4.10 Fibre Guarantees for Livestock Feeds

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Revised: 2010-10-19

For a number of years, livestock nutritionists have been using Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) and/or Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) as indicators of dietary energy and intake, particularly in ruminant rations. As a result, these fibre fractions have replaced crude fibre (CF) in ration formulations. AOAC International has published methods for ADF and NDF determination in livestock feeds (Method #973.18 and Method #2002.04, respectively) and these methods are publicly available.

Given the above, the Animal Feed Division will allow guarantees for maximum per cent ADF and/or maximum percent NDF on feed labels, as per the following options:

Ruminant livestock feeds:

  • CF guarantee, or
  • ADF and/or NDF guarantees in addition to CF guarantee.

Non-ruminant livestock feeds:

  • CF guarantee only.

Single ingredient feeds:

  • CF guarantee, or
  • ADF and NDF guarantees in addition to a CF guarantee.

Multi-species feeds (ruminant and non-ruminant livestock):

  • CF guarantee, or
  • ADF and/or NDF guarantees in addition to a CF guarantee.

The presence of ADF and NDF guarantees on feed labels (as per product type above) that meet all other criteria for exemption from registration under the Feeds Regulations will not require registration by the Animal Feed Division.

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