Chapter 7 - Additional Information
7.2 Products for forceable administration

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The purpose of this section is to update and clarify the regulatory status of products for forceable administration to livestock.

Products for forceable administration are considered drugs and are subject to the Food and Drugs Act. In the past, product presentation and packaging was a major criteria for establishing the product's status as a drug for all these types of products, regardless of the proposed directions for use.

The decision has been made in conjunction with the Veterinary Drugs Directorate of Health Canada to allow pastes, pumps and non-injectable syringes that are: (1) labelled for inclusion into feed and (2) for which no drug claims as made, will be regulated under the Feeds Act and Regulations. All products must indicate physical form in their product name (e.g. paste).

All products for forceable administration will continue to require registration under the Food and Drugs Act. Examples of products for forceable administration include, but are not limited to, injectables, boluses, drenches and pastes, pumps and non-injectable syringes which do not meet the criteria for feed registration as indicated above. Prior to marketing the aforementioned products, an application must be submitted to the Veterinary Drugs Directorate, Health Canada and a Drug Identification Number (DIN) obtained.

If you have any questions regarding registration requirements under the Food and Drugs Act, please contact:

Veterinary Drugs Directorate
Holland Cross Complex
Health Canada
Ground Floor
11 Holland Avenue
Postal Locator: 3000A
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K9

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