Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard
Schedule 9: Manure Management Plan (Sample)

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Producers should confirm that their manure management practices comply with provincial federal and provincial regulations.

Development of manure management plans may be complex and subject to federal and provincial government regulatory requirements. Producers should confirm that their plan complies with federal and provincial regulations.

Provincial websites are also excellent sources of additional information.

Composting manure prior to disposal has a number of benefits:

  • Inactivates and/or reduces the infectivity of many pathogens and destroys many weed seeds if proper composting procedures are followed
  • Significantly reduces the volume and weight of manure requiring disposal
  • Stores nutrients as stable organic compounds that release nutrients slowly into the soil


Frequency of removal, e.g. annually, monthly, weekly:

Storage location :

Storage period prior to sale/further use, e.g. months, years:

Planned use, e.g. sale, spread, etc.:

Withholding period (time until grazing or harvest permitted), months:

(Manure application log Courtesy of the Canadian Horticulture Council)

Additional biosecurity considerations include:

  • Sanitation of equipment used for manure management
  • Access of livestock to the location of the manure storage
  • Land use where manure is spread (crop versus pasture versus nursery etc.)
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