Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard
Schedule 11: Unusual Disease Situation Plan (Sample)

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Operation Name:

Initial Response


  • Box Death Loss exceeds normal acceptable level;
  • Box Typical sickness exceeds normal acceptable level;
  • Box Disease not previously encountered;
  • Box Typical disease with abnormal severity or non-responsive to treatment;
  • Box Possible reportable / notifiable disease;
  • Box Other: space


  • Box Private Veterinarian called
  • Box CFIA District Veterinarian called (suspect reportable disease)
  • Box Provincial Chief Veterinarian / Chief Veterinary Officer
  • Box Industry notification (depending on suspected disease) – neighbouring livestock producers, breed association, CCA
  • Box Suppliers (feed, etc.)

Veterinary Advice:

  • Box Isolate sick animals
  • Box Stop stock movements on / off
  • Box Stop other movements (feed delivery, manure spreading etc.)
  • Box Staff avoid other animal contact
  • Box Submit samples for diagnosis
  • Box Other: space

Box Staff notified of unusual disease situation:

Elevated Biosecurity

Elevated Biosecurity Required:

  • Box Instructed by Vet
  • Box Self-determined
  • Box Personnel advised


  • Box Isolate sick
  • Box Stop stock movements
  • Box Stop other movements
  • Box Staff to avoid other animal contact
  • Box Cleaning and disinfection

Stand Down

Return to normal practices:

  • Recommended by Vet (Date / Signature) space
  • Other: space
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