National Cervid Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard
What the standard is and is not

The standard is The standard is not
Voluntary Mandatory
A set of risk-based management guidelines, addressing disease in a broad context, warranting thought and consideration in most cervid operations across Canada A list of "must-do(s)," designed for a specific disease, to be achieved regardless of regional and operational differences
Based upon target outcomes, each of which can be achieved in a variety of ways A prescriptive set of practices
Specific to biosecurity practices used by the Canadian cervid industry Taken from another sector or country, and re-designed for the Canadian cervid farming sector
Practical and science-based, developed with consideration for the transmission of infectious pathogens across the range of cervid production systems Idealistic, developed without consideration for the feasibility of implementation
A collaborative project, developed by producers, subject matter experts, advisory groups, and leaders in industry and government The work of one stakeholder
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