National Farm - Level Mink Biosecurity Standard - Producers' Guide
Appendix B - Additional Suggested References for Producers

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  • 1. Animal Biosecurity. General biosecurity measures for producers and veterinarians. Brochures, Video and other Publications – Animal Health Starts on the Farm. Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • 2. Biosecurity for Mink Ranches - PDF (77 kb) Perennia.
  • 3. Biosecurity in Alberta (2011). Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • 4. Biosecurity Nova Scotia. This site provides an overview of biosecurity principles, as well as standard operating protocols to help implement an effective program on your farm; forms to help you document your program; and a Virtual Farm to demonstrate an effective program in words, pictures, and videos.
  • 5. Biosecurity and On-Farm Food Safety. Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences (2010).
  • 6. HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan: Supplement 8 – Community Disease Control and Prevention, United States Department of Health and Human Services (2010). Available:
  • 7. Why Your Operation Needs a Biosecurity Program. Farm Focus (2011).


  • 8. On-Farm Composting Handbook. Cornell Waste Management Institute. Reprinted with permission from On-Farm Composting Handbook (NRAES-54).



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