Poultry Service Industry Biosecurity Guide
2. Objective

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This document has been developed to provide biosecurity recommendations and best practices for the poultry service industry. The goal is to provide service sector personnel with a set of guidelines to use, both within their own company's biosecurity protocols and in collaboration with the producer, to limit the opportunity for introducing and spreading disease. Some of the recommendations will require collaboration within the industry to define responsibilities to facilitate implementation of the biosecurity recommendation.

Textboxes are used throughout to highlight the importance of specific information such as:

  • Target outcomes;
  • Best practices;
  • Communications tips between the service personnel and producer; and,
  • Keep your distance – guidance on distance from live birds.

Biosecurity best practices are implemented across Canada, but vary between poultry service industry providers and producers. This guide will assist service providers in identifying those areas that can improve their approach to proactive biosecurity, and that will require collaboration with producers to reach biosecurity goals.

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