African swine fever

African swine fever (ASF) is a viral disease that only impacts pigs.

Key facts

  • ASF has never been found in Canada
  • ASF is not harmful to humans
  • Canadian pork is safe to eat
  • ASF poses a significant risk to the health of the Canadian swine herd, pork industry and the Canadian economy
  • ASF is highly contagious for pigs and can spread rapidly though both direct and indirect contact with infected pigs or pig products, as well as contaminated farm equipment, feed and clothing

In Canada, ASF is a reportable disease under the Health of Animals Act. All suspected cases must be reported to the CFIA.

Services and information

Government of Canada action

What the Government of Canada is doing to keep African Swine Fever from coming to Canada.

Top questions

Consult the ASF fact sheet for answers to frequently asked questions.


What you can do to protect your pigs from African swine fever.


How you can prevent bringing contaminated food, clothing and equipment to Canada.


Import requirements for feed and live animals, animal products and by-products.


Take precautions if you come into contact with wild pigs.

Pig owners

Whether kept as pets or farm animals, all pigs are susceptible to African swine fever. Find out how to protect them from getting and spreading this serious pig disease.

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Economic impact of African swine fever

African swine fever poses a significant risk to the Canadian pork industry and the Canadian economy.

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