Flocks infected with Scrapie in Canada in 2017

The CFIA, in co-operation with provincial governments and industry, launched a national scrapie surveillance program in 2005. Under the program, producers are encouraged to report animals that die on the farm or exhibit symptoms of the disease.

In addition, scrapie is a reportable disease under the Health of Animals Regulations. This means that all suspected cases must be reported to the CFIA.

Current as of: 2017-11-30

Sheep flocks and/or goat herds confirmed to be infected with classical scrapie in Canada in 2017
Date confirmed Location Animal type infected
Nov 1, 2017 Quebec Sheep
Oct 4, 2017 Manitoba Goat
Oct 4, 2017 Alberta Goat
Sept 15, 2017 Manitoba Goat
Sept 7, 2017 Manitoba Goat
August 28, 2017 Manitoba Goat
July 11, 2017 Manitoba Goat
June 29, 2017 Manitoba Goat
April 7, 2017 Saskatchewan Sheep

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