Information for quarantined producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan

When the CFIA contacts a producer about placing quarantine and movement controls on animals as part of the bovine TB investigation, they are provided with an information package that includes:

The CFIA will also provide additional information from other provincial and federal departments that will be of assistance to quarantined producers.

Financial assistance

Alberta producers should contact the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation for information about financial assistance related to quarantines in their province.

Saskatchewan producers should contact the Livestock Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture for information about financial assistance related to quarantine in their province.

If you are a producer under quarantine or movement controls and have questions about this information package, please contact us.

Tax Deferral

The Government has announced further tax relief for taxpayers who receive compensation under the Health of Animals Act due to the 2016 and 2017 bovine tuberculosis (TB) outbreak in Alberta and Saskatchewan that forced the destruction of livestock.

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