Sanitary Requirements for Export of Sheep and Goats for Slaughter from Canada to the United States of America
HA 2185 (Amended September 16, 2005)

  1. The animals in the shipment:
    1. were born in the United States (U.S.) or Canada and have been in no other region,


    2. were legally imported into Canada from a Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)-free region and have been unconditionally released and eligible to move freely within Canada for at least 60 days prior to importation into the U.S.
  2. The animals have been kept in Canada or the U.S. during the last 60 days immediately preceding the date of shipment to the U.S., and that during this time Canada has been free from foot-and-mouth disease, rinderpest, and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia.
  3. The animals are not in quarantine in Canada.
  4. The animals have been inspected and found to be free from any evidence of communicable disease and that, as far as can be determined, they have not been exposed to any such disease during the preceding 60 days.
  5. Based upon an examination of the animals and/or information provided to me, it was determined that the females in the shipment are not pregnant.
  6. The animals are less than 12 months of age based upon (strike out as appropriate and initial):
    1. certifiable birth records,


    2. an examination of each animal's dentition (estimated age in months)
  7. The animals are subject to a ruminant feed ban equivalent to the requirements established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  8. The animals have not tested positive for or are not suspects for a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy.
  9. The animals have not resided in a flock or herd that has been diagnosed with BSE.
  10. The movement of the animals is not restricted within Canada as a result of exposure to a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy.
  11. Based upon information provided by the exporter, the animals will be transported by truck along the following route (including port of embarkation in Canada):



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