Export of Dogs and Cats to Australia

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All the required information for exporting dogs and cats to Australia is available on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia website. 

An import permit for Bringing Cats and Dogs (and other pets) to Australia must be obtained prior to entry into the country. Do not use the Veterinary Export Health Certificate (Appendix A) that is found on the last page of the import permit. Instead, use the following certificates:

Close attention must be paid to all aspects of the application process, particular time constraints, fees and quarantine requirements that are applicable to your particular situation. If any part of the documentation is deemed unsatisfactory by Australian officials, there is a risk of the following: extra disease testing, an extended quarantine stay, declined entry of the animal into the country, or destruction of the animal - all at the expense of the owner. Please note that Revolution is not acceptable for treatment of ticks for dogs and cats. See your local Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) District Office for a list of acceptable products.

Please note that a CFIA veterinarian must endorse (sign and stamp) all pages of the Veterinary Health Certificate. Additionally, all laboratory reports that accompany dogs and cats bound for Australia need to be signed and stamped by the CFIA's veterinarian who completes the final veterinary health certification.

If you have difficulties viewing the information contained on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia website, you can contact your local CFIA Animal Health District Office to receive a copy of the necessary documents.  

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