Importing or travelling with pet birds from countries other than the United States

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Note: These requirements are for pet birds only

The expression "pet bird" means a personally owned and cared for bird, and applies only to species commonly known as caged birds such as psittacines (birds in the parrot family), song birds, toucans, canaries, finches, cardinals, etc.

The expression does not apply to pigeons, doves, species of wild or domesticated fowl, or game birds.

See also: Import of Personally Owned Pet Birds From the United States

These requirements apply to:

  • animals entering Canada permanently
  • animals in transit through Canada on their way to a final destination
  • animals entering Canada for a temporary visit

Canada allows the importation of pet birds travelling with their owners, provided that import requirements are met. Import requirements vary, depending on the country of origin. These import conditions are designed to protect Canada from risks associated with bird diseases, such as highly pathogenic avian influenza.

To import pet birds, an import permit issued by a local CFIA office is required, and must accompany the birds to Canada.

The CFIA will consider applications for importing pet birds from countries officially recognized by Canada as being free of highly pathogenic avian influenza, provided the applicant meets import requirements, including quarantine.

The CFIA may also consider applications for importing pet birds from countries not officially recognized as free of highly pathogenic avian influenza. In these cases, additional import requirements apply, including pre- and post-import testing for avian influenza.

Prohibited Countries

The importation of pet birds is prohibited from certain countries in which highly pathogenic avian influenza is considered endemic.

These countries are:

  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam

Travelling from Mexico?

Since most of Mexico is not considered to be free of Newcastle disease, pet birds returning to Canada from Mexico travelling with their owners may not transit through the United States by land. Alternative arrangements must be made prior to departure. For more details on re-entry into Canada, please contact your local CFIA area office.

Please consult the Automated Import Requirements System which provides more information on import requirements for pet birds.

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