Importing or Travelling with Pets

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Canadians importing their personal pets into Canada after evacuating regions affected by hurricanes

If you are importing a personal pet dog or cat into Canada and you are unable to present a rabies vaccination record at the port of entry, you will be given 14 days after arriving to have the animal vaccinated against rabies. You will then be responsible for contacting a CFIA Animal Health District Office within 14 days of arriving in Canada to provide the vaccination record for your pet.

If dogs or cats are not accompanied by their owner, they must be a pet meant to be reunited with their owner, who can be on a different flight to Canada.

There are no exemptions to the current import requirements for commercial imports which include dogs and cats for adoption and animal welfare organizations.

Under the National Animal Health Program, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) establishes import requirements for all animals and animal products entering Canada-including domestic pets.

These requirements apply to:

  • animals entering Canada permanently
  • animals in transit through Canada on their way to a final destination
  • animals entering Canada for a temporary visit

The Agency can refuse entry to any animal presented for importation.

Import and Travel Requirements

If the animal you wish to import is not listed, please refer to the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS), which provides information on import requirements for all commodities regulated by the CFIA.

Tips for traveling with your pet

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