Importing or Travelling with Pet Primates

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Note - These requirements apply to primates such as:

  • marmosets, tamarins, prosimians, tarsiers
  • the family Cebidae (owl, howler, cebus, spider, woolly, capuchin, squirrel monkey, etc.)
  • the sub-family Cercopithecinae (macaques, baboons, African green, patas monkey, etc.)
  • the sub-family Colobinae (colobus, langurs, etc.)
  • the sub-family Hylobatidae (gibbons, siamangs, etc.)
  • the sub-family Hominidae (gorilla, chimpanzee and orangutan)

These requirements apply to:

  • animals entering Canada permanently
  • animals in transit through Canada on their way to a final destination
  • animals entering Canada for a temporary visit

Pet primates are not permitted entry into Canada.

Import permits will only be issued for primates if the animals are designated for a zoo, show/exhibition or scientific use (research).

Complete Policy on the Requirements for Non-Human Primates Imported into Canada

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