Herd mark identification for groups of pigs

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A herd mark is an identification number unique to a group of pigs that originate from the same premises. A herd mark is used for approved tattoo applied to pigs and, under certain circumstances, may be printed on ear tags approved for pigs. If you wish to obtain a herd mark for a premises under your management that houses pigs, please contact your provincial pork producer association:

Alberta Pork
Telephone: 1-780-474-8288

Sask Pork
Telephone: 1-306-244-7752

Manitoba Pork Council
Telephone: 1-204-237-7447

Ontario Pork
Telephone: 1-519-767-4600

Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec
Telephone: 1-450-679-0530

Porc NB Pork
Telephone: 1-506-458-8051

PEI Pork
Telephone: 1-902-892-4201

Pork Nova Scotia
Telephone: 1-902-893-7455

For producers in British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador, contact the Canadian Pork Council at 1-613-236-9239)

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