Faba bean

Denomination: 'Athena'
Botanical Name: Vicia faba
Applicant/Holder: Limagrain Europe SA
Biopole Clermont-Limagne
Rue Henri Mondor
Saint Beauzire
Breeder: Titus de Vries, Limagrain Europe SA, Saint Beauzire, France
Agent in Canada: W.A. Grain and Pulse Solutions
5041 - 50th Street
Innisfail, Alberta
T4G 1S7
Tel: 403-227-2774
Application Date: 2015-04-07
Application Number: 15-8586

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Imposa', 'Nile' and 'Snowbird'

Summary: The leaflets of 'Athena' are longer than those of 'Snowbird'. The wing of 'Athena' has a melanin spot and the extent of anthocyanin colouration of the standard is large whereas 'Imposa' and 'Snowbird' have no melanin spot or anthocyanin colouration. The pod attitude of 'Athena' is semi-erect whereas that of the reference varieties is erect. The plants of 'Athena' are taller than those of 'Snowbird'. The pods of 'Athena' are longer than those of 'Snowbird'. The weight of 1000 dry seeds of 'Athena' is less than that of 'Imposa' and heavier than that of 'Snowbird'. The colour of the testa of the dry seed of 'Athena' is beige whereas it is grey beige for 'Imposa' and 'Snowbird'.


PLANT: indeterminate growth type, flowers and matures mid to late season

STEM: medium anthocyanin colouration, medium number of nodes up to and including the first flowering node
FOLIAGE: greyish green, maximum width of leaflets positioned at middle

FLOWER: black melanin spot present on wing, large extent of anthocyanin colouration on standard

POD: semi-erect attitude, brown black colour at maturity

SEED: elliptic shape of median longitudinal section, beige colour of testa immediately after harvest, black pigmentation of hilum absent

Origin & Breeding History: 'Athena' (experimental number LGFN14943) originated from a selection from the crossing of '91020' x 'Quatro' made in 2000. In 2002, a single plant was selected in the F2, followed by selfing and replicated yield trials and multiplication. The breeding was carried out at the applicant's breeding station in Lelystad, the Netherlands. Selection criteria for 'Athena' included yield, resistance to disease, resistance to lodging and plant maturity.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for 'Athena' were conducted at Barrhead, Alberta during 2015 and 2016 growing seasons. The trials consisted of 4 replicates per variety. Each plot was planted in 4 rows, spaced at 20cm and 4.5 metres in length. Measured characteristics were based on a minimum of 20 measurements per variety per year. Mean differences were significant at the 5% probability level based on a paired Student's t-test.

Comparison tables for 'Athena' with reference varieties 'Imposa', 'Nile' and 'Snowbird'

Leaflet length (cm)

  'Athena' 'Imposa' 'Nile' 'Snowbird'
mean 2015 6.0 5.5 5.0 5.4
std. deviation 2015 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.5
mean 2016 8.3 7.2 8.1 6.8
std. deviation 2016 1.0 1.0 0.9 0.7

Plant height (cm)

  'Athena' 'Imposa' 'Nile' 'Snowbird'
mean 2015 55.9 53.9 54.8 47.0
std. deviation 2015 6.7 8.0 6.5 3.1
mean 2016 118.2 119.8 127.7 108.9
std. deviation 2016 7.5 5.6 6.0 4.1

Pod length (cm)

  'Athena' 'Imposa' 'Nile' 'Snowbird'
mean 2015 8.4 7.3 7.9 7.3
std. deviation 2015 1.3 0.6 0.7 0.5
mean 2016 9.4 9.0 7.3 7.8
std. deviation 2016 0.7 1.0 1.0 0.7

Dry seed weight (grams/1000 seeds)

  'Athena' 'Imposa' 'Nile' 'Snowbird'
mean 2015 533 584 504 441
std. deviation 2015 8.1 9.6 12.3 18.2
mean 2016 561 679 625 485
std. deviation 2016 13.4 14.2 10.4 10.5

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Faba bean: 'Athena' (left) with reference varieties 'Imposa' (centre left) and 'Nile' (centre right)

Click on image for larger view
Faba bean: 'Athena' (left) with reference varieties 'Imposa' (centre left) and 'Nile' (centre right)

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