Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 17 - Higher Heat Shorter Time (H.H.S.T.) Processing and Extended Shelf-Life (ESL) Dairy Products
1.17.16 Surge Tank

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The surge tank acts as a pasteurized product balance tank for the fillers. This allows both the fillers and the H.H.S.T. processing system to operate independently.

The surge tank is installed downstream from the FDD. If the surge tank is protected by one or more steam barriers (or other acceptable systems) at the FDD, filling operations may continue from the tank while the H.H.S.T. processing system is in divert. Otherwise, the fillers and surge tanks must also be emptied and re-sanitized after a divert event. (Refer to Appendix 19 - 10). General Conditions

The surge tank and associated valves, thermometers, etc. must be clean and in good condition.

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