Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 18
Introduction and Use of Test Procedures

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The critical processes (e.g. HTST, Batch pasteurizer, APPS and HHST) within an establishment must be tested in accordance with the test procedures found in this chapter. This testing can be done by trained plant personnel or a reliable third party.

The results of the testing should be recorded on the CFIA test procedures form (Appendix 18 - 2).

Plant management is responsible to ensure these test procedures are followed. They must review the results on a timely basis to ensure accuracy of testing and that corrective action was taken both on the equipment and on the product, if necessary.

Task (Chapter 10 of the DEIM manual) Critical Process Test Procedures (found within the Equipment Program) defines the criteria required in the establishment's written program for the testing of the critical process equipment and controls. The establishment's written procedure must outline what tests are being performed, frequency, who is responsible, verification procedures, corrective action and records kept.

It is critical that any time there are alterations or new installations to the critical processes, equipment tests must be performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes and the impact on the system. For example changes required as a result of updates to the DEIM manual, i.e. addition of a control mechanism in the cooling section, installation of proximity switch, new task (Chapter 11: Supplementary Milk Solids/Milk Fat Injections System), etc. will result in re-evaluating the system.

Appendix 19 - 6 of Chapter 19 (Minimum Frequency for Critical Process Equipment and Controls Tests) is a summary of the tests required, listed by DEIM task number, requirements to be met, test number and frequency of testing. For some tasks in the chart there are no test numbers listed. In these cases, even when there is no test number indicated, the task still must be tested as per the frequency stated.

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