Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 3 - Registration of Establishments
3.7 Registered Establishment's Responsibilities

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After the establishment becomes registered, its operator has several obligations and responsibilities.

a) Operational Changes
The operator must inform the local inspector of a change to the items below:

  • ownership or company changes;
  • construction changes (expansion, renovation, important equipment and/or process line changes);
  • moving of the establishment or part of the establishment;
  • closing of the establishment.

This notification must be done prior to the occurrence of the change.

The local inspector will indicate to the operator if new documents or forms must be submitted and if a new certificate will be issued. An inspection of the new installation/establishment may be required.

b) Maintenance and Operation:
The establishment must be maintained and operated in accordance with the Regulations.

c) Certificate of Registration:
The Certificate of Registration must be posted in a conspicuous place in the establishment, for the period during which it remains in force. It must not be assigned or transferred to another establishment.

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