Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 3 - Registration of Establishments
Appendix 3 - 1 Covering Letter Example - Application for Registration

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Area Office Address
Name and address of applicant

Subject: Application for Registration

Dear Sir/Madam:

Enclosed is an Application for Registration of a Dairy Establishment pursuant to the Canada Agricultural Products Act and the Dairy Plant Information and Registration of an Establishment Record. When completed please mail the required information to the attention of:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Dairy Program Specialist

Also required are:

  1. Proof of legal business name and owners for establishment intended for registration
  2. Detailed plans indicating:
    • location of building in relation to adjacent buildings, roads, railways, waterways and public utilities
    • dimensions and intended use of room, position of doors, windows, stairways and drains
    • description for types and location of equipment to be used in the establishment
    • description of the lighting, refrigeration, ventilation and plumbing systems
    • product flow patterns throughout the establishment
  3. description of the materials used in the construction of equipment, floors, walls, ceilings and openings
  4. an outline of the sanitation program for the establishment, including person responsible, equipment, chemicals, and frequencies to maintain sanitary conditions.
  5. pest control program
  6. recall program
  7. water source and a satisfactory certificate of water analysis including provincial potability (bacteriological analysis), and analysis for chemical and physical contaminants
  8. list of products produced by the establishment
  9. microbiological product and environmental monitoring program, including HC Lm Policy

As of July 8, 1996, cost sharing within the dairy inspection program has been implemented.
The CFIA's fees Notice Part 1 - Dairy Product Fees describes the fees applicable for registration of an establishment based on your operation's volume of production or quantity of milk received:

The current fees are as follows:

Category Fee
1 - ≤100,000 hL milk or ≤1M units production $895
2 - >100,000 to 500,000 hL milk or >1M to 5M units production $1680
3 - >500,000 to 1M hL milk or >5M to 10M units production $2415
4 - > 1M hL milk, or 10M units production $3150

Cheque must accompany the application and be made payable to: Receiver General for Canada
Should you have any questions please contact this office at (insert telephone no.)

Yours truly,

Dairy Program Specialist

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