Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 9 Good Manufacturing Practices
Appendix 9.1 GMP Inspection Worksheet

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Reg. No.

S = Satisfactory; NS = Not Satisfactory; NA = Not Applicable (indicate why); NE = Not Evaluated (indicate why)

1.0 Food Safety Controls
Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR
1.1Footnote *Indicating thermometer reading ≥ minimum legal temperature and recorded on chart at a reference point.
DEIM (HTST); & (Batch); 14.02.04 (APPS); (HHST/ESL)
1.2Footnote * Actual indicating thermometer reading ≥ recording thermometer temp. & recorded on present chart.
1.3Footnote * Cut-in/cut-out verifications done properly at start up and recorded.
1.4Footnote * Seal intact on FCD, FDD, RTD, STLR, PDC, PLC
DEIM,, 11.11.07,,, (HTST);,,,,, (APPS);,,,,, (HHST/ESL)
1.5Footnote * No FCD bypass during hold. If the homogenizer is used as the FCD, there is no by-pass around the homogenizer during processing. A proximity switch is used so FDD will not operate in forward flow.
1.6Footnote * Batch pasteurization (including starter vats):
  • accurate hold time recorded
  • time & temp. ≥ minimum legal rqmts.
  • airspace thermometer ≥ 3°C than minimum legal temperature
DEIM,,, (Batch)
1.7Footnote * Batch pasteurization (including starter vats)
  • continuous agitation
  • inlet and outlet lines disconnected
  • lids closed
DEIM,, (Batch)
1.8Footnote * Other - Thermal Processing or no thermal processing
DEIM - .04, - .02,,, - .02, - .05,, (Retort);
DEIM,, (Coil Vat);
DEIM,, (Formulation and Verification); - 60 day storage, records and labelling – production date for unpasteurized cheeses. DEIM (E)
1.9 Frequency and temperature recording pens track the same time & all pens are functional.
DEIM (HTST); (Batch); (APPS); (HHST/ESL)
1.10 STLR & MBTS Records/Charts completed with required information.
DEIM (HTST); (Batch); (APPS); (HHST/ESL)
1.11 Critical Process Test Procedures
  • frequency of testing
  • tests performed are in accordance with the Critical Process Test Procedures
  • records are kept
  • results reviewed in a timely manner by plant management
  • appropriate corrective action taken
Chapter 19, Appendix 19 - 6
1.12 Microbiological and Composition Control and Records - review sampling of records for one product.
  • Slow vat records and calibration of pH meter for unpasteurized cheese
1.13 Listeria Monitoring Program Records
  • review Listeria monitoring program records for highest risk product category (one prdt.)
  • assess frequency, sampling, methodology, follow up actions and notification.

Table Notes

Footnote *

Pasteurization and critical process tasks must be satisfactory. All product from non-satisfactory lots must be controlled through detention and/or product recall.

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S = Satisfactory; NS = Not Satisfactory; NA = Not Applicable (indicate why); NE = Not Evaluated (indicate why)

2.0 Hygienic Practices
Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR
2.1 Sanitary handling of product, ingredients & packaging material
DEIM,,; (C),;
2.2 Well controlled movement of personnel & equipment between areas
2.3 Absence of cross contamination
  • allergen and manufacturing controls DEIM
  • pests DEIM (C), (D);
  • returned products DEIM (D), (E)
  • garbage DEIM
  • structure DEIM,
  • non food chemicals DEIM
2.4 Appropriate clothing, grooming and health condition of personnel. Usage of hand washing and sanitizing stations as required
DEIM (A); (A), (B)
Flow Control Device
Flow Diversion Device
Resistance Temperature Device
Safety Thermal Limit Recorder
Pressure Differential Controller
Programmable Logic Controller
Metre Based Timing System
Aseptic Processing and Packaging System
Higher Heat Shorter Time Processing and Extended Shelf-Life Dairy Products


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