Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 9 Good Manufacturing Practices
Appendix 9.2 GMP Inspection Worksheet (For Establishment Cutting, grating and packaging cheese; Blending powders; Freezing pre-pasteurized mixes)

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Reg. No.

S = Satisfactory; NS = Not Satisfactory; NA = Not Applicable (indicate why); NE = Not Evaluated (indicate why)

1.0 Food Safety Controls
Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR
1.8Footnote * Other thermal processing or none Controls for the Storage and Labelling of Non – Pasteurized Cheese:  60 day storage, records and labelling – production date.
  • to be used only if the cheese cutting and/or packaging establishment is storing unpasteurized cheese
1.12 Microbiological and Composition Control and Records – review sampling records for one product
1.13 Listeria Monitoring Program Records.
  • review Listeria monitoring program records for highest risk product category (one prdt.)
  • assess frequency, sampling, methodology, follow up actions and notification.

Table Note

Footnote *

Pasteurization and critical process tasks must be satisfactory. All product from non-satisfactory lots must be controlled through detention and/or product recall.

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S = Satisfactory; NS = Not Satisfactory; NA = Not Applicable (indicate why); NE = Not Evaluated (indicate why)

2.0 Hygienic Practices
Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR
2.1 Sanitary handling of product, ingredients & packaging material
DEIM,,; (C),;
2.2 Well controlled movement of personnel & equipment between areas
2.3 Absence of cross contamination
  • allergen and manufacturing controls DEIM
  • pests DEIM (C), (D);
  • returned products DEIM (D), (E)
  • garbage DEIM
  • structure DEIM,
  • non food chemicals DEIM
2.4 Appropriate clothing, grooming and health condition of personnel. Usage of hand washing and sanitizing stations as required
DEIM (A); (A), (B)


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