Export Certification Control Program (ECCP) Plan - Attestation for Registered Establishments

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In regards to the requirements as set out in the Export Certification Control Program (ECCP) Standard, I attest that:

  1. Documented controls are in place to ensure that the requirements are met pertaining to the following ECCP elements:
    • 5.1 - Management Roles and Responsibilities,
    • 5.2 - Foreign Country Requirements,
    • 5.3 - Product Compliance,
    • 5.4 - Certification,
    • 5.8 - Verification & Maintenance of the ECCP Plan, and
    • 5.9 - Maintenance of Records and Documents
  2. All information contained in, or referenced by, this application is complete and accurate and is not false or misleading.
  3. I understand that the CFIA may conduct a compliance verification audit at any time to verify our compliance with this standard and that non-compliance may result in interruption of certification of products, removal from export lists and other actions under the compliance management process.




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