List of Canadian Establishments Approved for Export to Brazil

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Search the List of Canadian Establishments Approved for Export to Brazil

If you know the name of the establishment, enter it in the "Name" field, and click submit. Note that the search is not case sensitive, and also that the search will retrieve all names containing the information you have entered (e.g., entering "Fish" will return all establishment names with the word fish in the title, ABC Fishing Co.; Shellfish International, etc.) If you don't know the company name, leave the field blank.

If you know the registration number of the establishment (this is a federal registration number assigned by the CFIA), enter this in the Reference number field and click submit. All registration numbers are four digits. If you only enter 1, 2 or 3 digits, all numbers containing these digits will be returned (e.g., entering 12 will return 1200, 0120, 0012, etc.). If you don't know the company registration number, leave the field blank.

From the drop-down menu, choose the province in which the company(ies) resides. It is not possible to enter more than one province at the same time.

If you merely wish to browse the list, click on the province in which you are interested, don't enter any other information, click submit, and all registered establishments in that province will be returned. Not entering any data, and only clicking submit will return the entire Approved Exporters list.

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