Flexible Retort Pouch Defects Manual - Identification and Classification

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An important element in the production of any safe, wholesome and good quality pouched product, is that each pouch meets recognised standards. This flexible retort pouch defect identification and classification manual has been prepared in order to:

  1. clarify current regulatory requirements for classification of flexible pouch defects;
  2. provide information to assist in the communication of issues associated with the integrity of hermetically sealed flexible retort pouches, testing procedures for seal strength and integrity;
  3. provide a standard terminology and description for industry and government inspectors.

This manual provides for standardised classification criteria as well as uniform terminology for the assessment of flexible retort pouches. It also provides details of the various tests, against which a flexible retort pouch may be assessed. It is important to understand that not all of the tests are required to be performed by the processor as part of their quality control system.

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