Flexible Retort Pouch Defects Manual - Identification and Classification
Chapter 6 - Alphabetical Index/Glossary

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This section provides an index of defect terminology, including alternate terminology, specific defect types, and associated defect conditions, and provides equivalent terms in French.

English Section French
Abrasion 7.1 Abrasion
Blister 7.2 Cloque
Channel Leaker 7.3 Canal de fuite
Compressed Seal 7.4 Joint comprimé (ou séparation des couches dans la zone de scellage)
Convultion (embossing) 7.4 Circonvolutions (gaufrage)
Contaminated Seal 7.5 Joint contaminé
Cosmetic Seal Only 7.6 Joint Cosmétique seulement
Cosmetic Seal Overlaps Primary Seal 7.7 Joint cosmétique empiétant sur le joint de fermeture principal
Crooked Seal 7.8 Joint irrégulier
Cut 7.9 Entaille
Delamination 7.10 Séparation des couches
Delamination in Seal Area 7.10 Séparation des couches dans la zone de scellage
Flex Cracks 7.11 Craquelures par flexion
Fracture 7.9 Rupture
Hot Fold 7.12 Repliure à chaud
Incomplete Seal 7.13 Joint incomplet
Leaker 7.14 Fuyard
Less than 3 mm Seal Width 7.15 Largeur de joint infèrieure à 3 mm
Misaligned Seal 7.16 Joint désaligné
Non-bonding 7.17 Absence de liaison
Notch Leaker 7.18 Encoche fuyante
Puncture 7.19 Perforation (trou)
Seal Creep 7.20 Fluage de joint
Seal Formed Greater than 25 mm from Pouch Edge 7.21 Joint formé à plus de 25 mm du bord du sachet
Stringy Seal 7.22 Joint filamenteux
Swollen Package 7.23 Bombage
Uneven Seal Juncture 7.24 Jointure non uniforme
Waffling 7.25 Gaufrage
Wavey Seal (alternate term) 7.24 Joint ondulé (synonyme)
Wrinkle 7.26 Ride
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